FlowPro was founded and grown from a passion for spending more time doing what we love.  To do this, we needed to spend less time filling up our gas guzzling machines. For those who love watersports they are all too familiar with outrageous marina fuel prices, so the solution is either trailer your boat to a gas station or fill up with gas cans.  Neither option is as easy as filling up on the water, but in a season the savings can be a thousands.  

For Founder Shawn King, he knew this dilemma well with two National Champion wakeboarders in his house, back in 2011.  He knew there had to be a way to give them more time on the water and save himself money for traveling. He started sketching out some designs and shortly after began production of the Original 1” FlowPro Siphon.  At that time, and for many years, there was no one else that could successfully design a 1” self-priming non-mechanical siphon. And to this day, there are still no other siphons designed without the need of a priming spring.  With the least amount of moving parts, FlowPro has less room for failure and product malfunction.

There are a dozen ways to skin a cat or to fill your boat, side by side, dirt bike or jet ski.  But, we have found after witnessing and trying other ways, there is not a faster, less expensive, more efficient, more compact, or easier to use product on the market, than the FlowPro Siphon.

If you don’t believe us, try these first and let us know your thoughts:

  1. Hold a gas can up traditionally for a few minutes until empty (while nozzles inevitably drip onto you or into the lake while you become exhausted)
  2. Put a hose into a gas can, seal it with your hand and blow to start a siphon (mmmmm gas tastes great and this is slower)
  3. Drop a gas can into a bin and allow it to gurgle until empty (these take up valuable space and are slower)
  4. Use a heavy, bulky and expensive 20-40 gallon gas caddy (that you can neither lift out of your truck or get down the steps to your dock)

With all of these options being inferior, the need for the FlowPro Siphon was born.  

Fast, inexpensive, efficient, compact, and easy to use!

After years of using FlowPro himself, former competitive wakeboarder and motorsports enthusiast Jamie Graff approached Shawn and Michael about trying to spread the word and get FlowPro in the hands of everyone frustrated with fill ups nationwide.  With a wakeboard boat, jet ski, Jeep CJ5, side by side (UTV), baby pool, hot tub and two kids Jamie has endless uses for transferring liquids and knows the need to be more efficient with his time. So in 2019, Jamie Graff and Shawn Herold took over ownership, operations, marketing and sales for FlowPro under LAKO Industries, LLC.  With their experience and expertise in digital marketing, brand development, content creation, video production, photography, web development, SEO and design, Jamie and Shawn will be bring new life to FlowPro and allow marine and motorsports enthusiasts everywhere to spend less time filling and more time doing what they love!