Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes FlowPro siphon hose so different than others in the marketplace?

The speed and ease of use are the primary differences.  The speed of FlowPro is the result of a full 1 inch inside diameter of the nozzle and hose.  This is compared to others that are only 3/8 or 1/2 inch on the inside.  And the FlowPro nozzle is built with a simple, yet highly efficient design to drive massive liquids through the 1 inch hose.

Can I extend the 6 foot siphon hose?

This is very easy to do.  Just go to your local hardware store and ask for a barbed connector for a 1 inch to 1 inch hose.  And just get any length of 1″ hose you desire.  The barbed connector is typically about $1.

Can I shorten the 6 foot siphon hose?

Absolutely.  Many of our clients do this that only need a short run of hose from their gas can to their tank insertion point.  On the picture to the right, we took off about one foot.

What types of liquids will FlowPro move?

FlowPro is great for all types of liquids including gasoline, diesel, water and light oils.

What type of applications can I use FlowPro for?

The FlowPro Self-Priming Siphon Hose is great to use with fueling boats, Jet Skis, ATVs, Recreational Vehicles, Farm Equipment, Tractor Trailers and much more.  It is also a fantastic way to drain water out of an aquarium, hot tub, boat cover, pool, fountain and other uses.

How much higher does the liquid need to be to siphon?

FlowPro will help you move the liquid up and bring it to a point when gravity and the siphon process takes over.  To continue the siphoning, it only needs to be above, even only slightly.  Siphoning will stop when the two liquids are at the same level.

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